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Expand Your Mind, Knowledge and Training

Our classes include:


  • Annual mandatory educational training for personal care homes, assisted living communities and nursing homes

  • Development of Proxy Caregiver policy and procedure

  • Proxy Caregiver facility oversight

  • Quarterly facility review and update

  • Supervision of Proxy Caregivers

  • Training of health maintenance activities

  • Hourly Consultation

  • 15 Minute Consultation

Our team of professionals can assist you in opening your own Personal Care Home in the state of Georgia. We offer walk-throughs, modification suggestions and providing you with your Policy and Procedure Manual. We can also provide monthly or quarterly consulting services to make sure you remain in compliance with state regulations.

Proxy Caregiver Initial and Recertification Class

House Bill 1040 was passed in 2010. All personal care homes in Georgia must have trained Proxy Caregivers to perform health maintenance activities including medication assistance. Wonderland Intl. Company offers this as a one day class in your facility or ours. This is an annual class that must be taught by a licensed healthcare professional.

Certified Medication Aide

All licensed assisted living communities in Georgia must have certified Medication Aides to perform medications assistance. The CMA must first be a Certified Nursing Assistant in order to qualify for the medication administration class and exam. This is a two day class that is taught at your facility but may be taught at our facility.

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